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(This article originally appears in Vogue Italia, January 2009 Issue. English translation by Valentina Angeloni)

…Lucibel Crater, on the other hand, recalls those old pictures you look at in front of the fire on a winter evening. The Brooklyn trio- cello, drums, and voice- with its latest work, “The Family Album” (searching eye records), collects cinematic stories in black and white.

Perpetually oscillating between analogue and digital, between Bjork and The White Stripes, Lucibel Crater surprise us with a schizoid, unpredictable sound made of both live improvisations and thoughtful studio recordings.

Ten muscular tracks and only one guitar, Lou Reed's, that gives us the gift, in the song “Threadbare Funeral,” of a lysergic, machine/factory sound.

“I met Lou Reed through our common passion for Chen Tai ji,” says the bandleader, Sarth Calhoun. “We study with Master Ren Guang Yi. And we worked together on some music for Master Ren’s Tai ji DVDs. Lou's advice has been of vital importance in the birth of “The Family Album.” It was him, in fact, that continuously pushed us into searching for a sound that was new, and he gave alot of valuable advice.”

The band is recording a new unreleased track called "Masticate", to accompany a video available soon on

-- Simone Tempia


Review Courtesy of Vogue Italia
Lucibel photo by Mark McGauley

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Buzzbin Lucibel Crater Review

Review Courtesy of Buzzbin Magazine
photo by Mark McGauley

(This article originally appears in BuzzBin Magazine)

You know when you walk into a record store and all the music clerks are busy putting away albums while some obscure but really cool band is blasting in the store speakers?  You want to ask who is playing, but its just so not cool to do it.  Then you hear it...Dude, is that Lou Reed in there?  That has to be him!  Oh man...this is burning my brain...WHO IS THIS BAND?

Meet the band Lucibel Crater.

Lead by cellist Leah Coloff the Brooklyn based band put out The Family Album, an interesting collection of ten songs packaged into one beautiful masterpiece.  Add in a thunderous back beat, spoken word, Paul Chuffo's piano and a handful of nontraditional instruments including a cell phone and you can only guess where this is headed.

Now, close your eyes and imagine if Picasso had a band, and what they would sound like.  Can I bastardize the term here and say Cubistic Beats?  Ahh...Okay...Hmmm...I'll just say what I really want you to know, this is totally music to get high too.  There, now its out.

The album starts off with There Was a Time, which is spoken word over a melody reminiscent of Riders on the Storm by The Doors.  This leads us into what might be the most interesting track on the album Into the Bushes which is an abstract combination of a cello, an electric bass, voice and to quote Sarth Calhoun of the band “and the drummer doing this crazy thing live with a whammy pedal and a contact mic on the snare drum creating a feedback loop from the cello sound, which creates the screetch at the beginning of the tune and in the first break.”.  Its cool, and the lyrics are as abstract as the melody.  Leah belts out “Don't bury the hatchet, lets cut down the trees instead” with such conviction that you don't know if its sarcasm, expression, or both.

The legendary Lou Reed is on the next track.  Back story is that Lou and Sarth do a fairly unusual form of  Tai Chi called Chen style.  The two have collaborated on some meditation DVDs, and then Lou checked out a Lucibel Crater show.  Shortly thereafter he ended up on Threadbare Funeral, a slow paced trippy melody pondering where do we come from in a Velvet Underground-esque fashion.  And you can't really go wrong when Lou Reed is playing in your band.

Also on the album are Next of Kin, Blue Stationwagon, and then Where You Are which is really one of those tunes you can listen to over and over again, and pull something new out of everytime.

All in all, Lucibel Crater put out an entertaining work of art.  We dig it.

Catch Lucibel Crater at and listen to Into the Bushes @



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